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The bible of Blood Flow Restriction Training

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KAATSU – The Pressure Training from Japan Book

New perspectives in sport, therapy and health promotion.

His quest for true innovations brought early adopter Robert Heiduk to KAATSU. With a small international group of like-minded people he traveled directly to Japan to the inventor of Japanese pressure training. On the basis of this encounter sports scientist Heiduk created this comprehensive standard work. Most importantly, he added lots of research, that goes beyond the academic papers. It is aimed at coaches, athletes, physiotherapists, doctors, scientists, and students who would like to gain a deeper insight into the methodology of the original protocols of the KAATSU inventor Yoshiaki Sato.

The original core concepts of KAATSU-Training were not yet available in this form. In this book, they have been further restructured to a new approach. The book arouses curiosity about KAATSU-Training and its new possibilities in sport and therapy.

Robert Heiduk’s book on KAATSU-Training is a milestone on the field of Blood Flow Restriction Training and a „Must Have“ for every exercise and health professional.

The Book Author

Robert Heiduk is a German sports scientist and sport consultant for training methodology. For more than a decade he has been active in the education of coaches and in health program consulting for companies like Google or PPG Industries. He has experience as an international lecturer and book author. Robert Heiduk is inherently curious. Always seeking for the cutting-edge sport technology. But he is also known as a respected critical thinker, who always talks openly about the shortcomings in the health and fitness industry.

In his sport consulting services, Heiduk focuses on strategic decision making. When you consult Robert Heiduk, he finds the gap on how to stand out from the competition. Heiduk states: „In todays noisy world, where everyone claims to say important things, it is hard to keep track about what is meaningful and what is not. Smart decisions need to be made with a calm background, that’s what I am standing for“.

He is very thorough in making you aware of the many small details that you overlook, but are important for achieving your goals. In some circles, Robert Heiduk is known as toughest critic, but also as someone, who gives the best support.