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KAATSU Education Basic Course

``Education is the key``

KAATSU education is most important when you want to get best results from your KAATSU training. All clients, who trust us with their health, deserve skills at the highest level. Thus, intensive training and continuing education is the key for optimal results. In this course you will learn about the most effective strategies, to develop your KAATSU instruction skills. In addition, we teach what are the smartest ways to incorporate KAATSU in your training system. Finally, we uncover why simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in KAATSU Training.

Target groups: coaches, sports scientists, physicians, physiotherapists, osteopaths.

Course Director: Robert Heiduk, KAATSU Master Specialist

Evolution of KAATSU



Basic applications

Band placement

Load management

KAATSU Modalities


Training programs

Optimizing exercise instruction

KAATSU Advanced Course Education

Resistance training with KAATSU has proven to deliver tremendous results with minimal load. However, this requires a well balanced training program design. For sustainable success, you have to expand your skills from the basic course. In this advanced course, you will learn how to apply fundamental principles of resistance training in the KAATSU ecosystem correctly. In addition, we discuss the key components for long term training periodization with KAATSU.

Participation prerequisite basic course

Course Director: Robert Heiduk, KAATSU Master Specialist

Secret KAATSU hacks you have never heard of

Training principles, your framework for optimal effects

Building effective KAATSU resistance training programs

KAATSU Cycle workarounds

Usefull training tools


Endurance Training with KAATSU

Basically, endurance is the ability to perform for as long as possible to resist fatigue. Did you know, that stamina and speed can be well improved by incorporating KAATSU to regular endurance training? It is important to note, that the specificity of endurance sports requires different approaches on how KAATSU must be used to develop performance. This course will teach you the basics of using KAATSU in endurance sports.

Participation prerequisite: basic course

Course Director: Robert Heiduk, KAATSU Master Specialist

Pressure considerations for sport specific stamina

Relationship between intensity, volume and pressure

Building endurance programs

Preconditioning for performance

Building the athlete with KAATSU endurance

Timing and recovery