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KAATSU Training Program

Get Better Results With Tailored KAATSU Training Programs

Buying a standard KAATSU device is easy, applying a KAATSU training program correctly is a challenge, since KAATSU is a complex methodology, requiring tons of expert knowledge. To get the optimum out of your KAATSU usage, you need a tailored KAATSU training program with exercises designed by an expert. Your personal situation is like a finger print – general guidelines or standard recommendations will not deliver the best possible results

KAATSU elderly fragility syndrome rehabilitation

My Numbers: 50+ elderly fragile patients that have come through my consulting received exceptional results with my tailored KAATSU training programs.

Hello, I am Robert Heiduk,
with many years of experience in KAATSU training, coaching Olympic, world champions, and rehab patients, you will achieve better results with your KAATSU training. As a sports scientist and KAATSU specialist with a decade-long track record of educating coaches and consulting for prestigious organizations, my commitment to KAATSU led me learn directly from KAATSU inventor, Dr. Yoshiaki Sato. You benefit from my know-how, culminating in my authorship of comprehensive books and practical guides on KAATSU.

Every client is different, only personalized programs provide optimal results.

World Class Athletes Trust My Advice To Get Better Without Injuries.

Francesco Friedrich und Robert Heiduk

„With support from Robert, KAATSU training has given us a crucial performance advantage“. Francesco Friedrich, Record Olympic bobsleigh champion and world champion, Germany.

„Robert made sure that I was able to successfully extend my career without exposing myself to the risk of injury.“ Chou Tien-chen, world class badminton player, Taiwan.

Who Is It For?

People with health issues: If you have specific health challenges, this is where KAATSU consulting excels, providing in-depth knowledge and advice on individual application of KAATSU.

Clients going through rehab: This is a project-based consulting. In a time-bound collaboration I will guide you though your rehab with tailored KAATSU programs.

Elderly and fragile people: Improving quality of life by adding the most effective KAATSU exercises in your daily activities in less than 15 minutes per day.

Professional athletes: The value of a proper education for an aspiring athlete is imperative to complement the short cycle of a professional athlete career. In this consultancy you will learn how to boost your athletic performance with KAATSU.


*IMPORTANT: If you’re simply looking for a quick fix or instant success, if you lack a long-term mindset or the ability to make a real investment into your health or performance, then my coaching program is not for you.

Not Just Consulting, But Learning!

If you are an athlete, the value of a proper education for understanding KAATSU training correctly is imperative to complement the short cycle of a professional athlete career.

  • You’ll understand why a tailored KAATSU program will help to get better results.
  • You’ll achieve sustainable motivation to use KAATSU.
  • You’ll gain clarity on what will work to boost your health and performance.
  • You’ll consistently exceed your targets.

How To Get In Contact

Our first conversation is free! We will schedule an online appointment and I will listen carefully to what you are telling me about your current situation. So I will have a way to understand what solution will best give you the result you want to achieve.

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